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More about Jenny

Born in 1947 in New Zealand, this artist's love for language and art was instilled during her travels to Europe at a young age. Although her passion for textile design was temporarily lost, she continued to pursue her creativity in later life through illustration, dedicating herself to the study of watercolor and oil painting techniques.


Inspired by the classical realism movement, she learned the intricate Flemish technique through DVDs, allowing her to create richly layered oil paintings. Her large-scale watercolour irises were met with great admiration, and soon gained representation through Manyung Gallery Group in Melbourne, Australia. Currently, her Australian flora works are in high demand.


Despite her many influences, her favourite artists include Mary Cassatt, Degas, Bouguereau, Wyeth, Paul McCormack, Elaine Searle, Gianluca Corona, and Susannah Blaxill. With a passion for travel and meeting new friends, she looks forward to developing her work through workshops in Tauranga, Melbourne, and Spain in the future.


This artist has a wealth of experience and has honed her craft with dedication and passion. Although watercolor has been her primary medium for many years, she is equally at home with oils and enjoys the flexibility of switching between the two. Her work is inspired by the beauty of nature and her desire to capture it in all its intricate detail.


From the graceful form of a single iris to the delicate texture of a flower petal, her paintings offer a unique perspective on the world around us. Her oil portraits and botanical paintings are particularly popular, and her clients appreciate the care and attention she puts into every piece.

Despite her success, this artist remains down-to-earth and eager to learn and grow. She draws inspiration from the works of many artists, both historical and contemporary, and is constantly exploring new techniques and styles. Her art is a reflection of her passion for life and her love of creating beautiful objects.

Iris watercolour painting
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