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Born in New Zealand in 1947 her life’s goal as a textile designer became lost in a passage of events. Impacts of travel to Europe at 18-20 instilled a love of and ability with languages. The seeds of creativity were sown with proximity to major works of art.

Much later in life her illustration business rekindled her natural art ability. She has pursued knowledge and technique with dedication and passion. Focussing on the gentle nature of watercolour for many years, she finally bowed to testing oils as well.

She learned the time-consuming Flemish technique from DVD’s and loved the slow building of rich layers. Unlike watercolours, oils that stayed exactly where they were placed! 
The resurgence of classical realism appealed greatly and a high point of her art journey was a short course on oil portraiture at the Florence Academy of Art in 2016.


Large scale irises took her over in 2018 which culminated in the Eros Collection They also attracted the eye of Manyung Gallery Group owner in Melbourne, Australia where Jenny now has representation.  In 2020, Jenny entered into a partnership with The Art Lounge Gallery NZ who now represent and sell her work in New Zealand. 

Jenny has the opportunity to travel and develop her work. With family in the USA and workshops proposed in Tauranga, Melbourne and Spain when travel is available. She is enthusiastic about meeting and making new friends and sharing her skills.


Currently Australian flora are in demand, alongside her oil portrait commissions. Often asked which medium is her favourite, she moves with ease between both watercolour and oil.


There are so many influencing artists that she admires, but among them all she would have to mention Mary Cassatt, Degas, Bouguereau, Wyeth, Paul McCormack, Elaine Searle, Gianluca Corona and Susannah Blaxill

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