Commission a Painting of Your Family Treasures
30 April 2015

Commission an Original Artwork Featuring Your Family Treasures

Can you imagine how special it would be to capture your great-grandmothers bracelet, your family china or your mother's favourite rose into a painting that is uniquely yours?

I have really enjoyed my evolving Nostalgia Series and it now seems to have captured other people’s hearts and imaginations too.

These traditional, yet stylish, original oil paintings feature family heirlooms and nostalgic items such as Victorian china, pearls, silverware, roses, poetry books and more - sometimes partnered up with marble plinths and whimsical skies.

The contemporary artist in me pops forth and allows me to create dialogue with unsuspecting subjects! 

After hearing me speak at the 2014 Garden & Arts Festival a special client has commissioned me to paint an assemblage of family treasures for her to pass on through her family. We are both excited at the prospect!  I am touched that she chose me to produce this for her. 


I invite you all to consider something similar. 

Do feel free to talk with me about your ideas and we can get creating! I enjoy encouraging clients to participate with me and share the creative journey of immortalizing your family treasures and memories.

Nostalgia commissions are generally a fixed price of $2200 which includes a beautiful frame from Prestige Framing.  However I have a Christmas special currently on offer where you can enjoy a saving of $400 on Nostaligia commissions booked before Christmas 2015. Please
 contact me if you would like to commission your very own Nostaliga painting.


'Clouds with Silver Malmaison' is a celebration of family silverware treasures, dripping pearls, the hope of a silver lining in gathering clouds and the ever-beautiful rosa, 'Souvenir de la Malmaison'.  This piece was not a commission and is for sale. I hope this piece will become a valued treasure in someone's home!  

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     Oil Paintings_Jenny Coker_Nostalgia_



I currently have a dear little composition waiting for my attention featuring my own family Tuscan China tea-cup and milk jug pouring.

The Tuscan China was given to my grandparents on their wedding day by a dear friend. While I am not a great collector of 'objects', I love using the tea set and imagining compositions with inspiration from my own family history!

Here is my sister Fiona and I enjoying the Tuscan tea-set!


This very feminine composition took off on it's own accord. Maybe I should allow creative license to reign rather than tradition more often, as I am rather pleased with the frivolous nature of the piece.

The Tuscan china cup seated on a Victorian sandwich sponge with delicate richly raspberry flavored macarons scattered beside creates the story centre.

One does not usually take a cup of sweetly smelling rosebuds for tea, especially with a guardian angel complete with cake fork in attendance.  Being poured from a most deliciously shaped milk jug suspended from gossamer ribbon maybe from a cloud above is also more than odd, but I like it!  

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