Jenny's collection of everyday household items and family heirlooms are often included with her fruit and botanical tableaux, bringing to life the essence of home and garden flavours.  She strives to capture the richness of our natural environment and hopes that her art will cause people to slow down, pause and revel in the incredible detail and drama that nature offers.

"Art is my passion!   I always aim to capture the evocative details and beauty of our natural environment. In my oils, I endeavour to recreate the flavours of the early Flemish artists with a call to pause and enjoy timeless compositions with transparent richness. I hope that my art, which celebrates home and garden treasures, will cause people to slow down and enjoy the richness all around us." ~ Jenny 

Don't be shy! I love having people come and visit me and view my art in my home studio in Tauranga. There's no pressure to purchase - you are welcome to just come for a chat and a close-up look at my original watercolours and oils.  Please contact me to make an appointment. CONTACT NOW

Would you like to feel more confident expressing yourself through watercolour?  Would you like to retreat from routine for two days and do something creative and nourishing, just for you? Come to one of my popular botanical watercolour workshops.  We have so much fun! BOOK NOW

Contact me to comission a special painting for your home. My Nostalgia Collection of small oil paintings capturing family keepsakes is capturing people's imaginations. Can you imagine how special it would be to capture your family china or your mother's favourite rose into a painting that is uniquely yours? LEARN MORE