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My botanical art is always inspired by the subject confronting me. The light bounces on and through petals and leaves and the desire to paint them just radiates! Their perfumes and textures dancing under the sun with the occasional dewdrops after the rain - captivating! I hope you enjoy them as much as I have enjoyed creating them.

The Red Brunswick onion was such a subject. Peeling blythely in my kitchen, it got under my skin and came out through my paintbrushes.  It will be followed by other onions as they do hold an appeal. I have a trio almost finished, just waiting for some compositional details.

And then there are roses, magnolias, seedpods, mushrooms, berries, eggs and so many flowers – the list has no end! Just keep checking on me as I take off in regular bursts. ~ Jenny

You are welcome to come to my studio to see these works in person. Please contact me to arrange appointment.~ Jenny